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Zoe’s Bakery Cafe

Location: 548 King Street West, Toronto Cost: $8.50 average http://www.zoesbakerycafe.ca A great girls get-together should revolve around (I think) good food and drink….if those two components aren’t there, it’s almost as if one of your girlfriends is washing her hair. Our plan was to meet at Zoe’s for lunch and despite the TTC strike everyone … Continue reading

Ravi Soups

Location: 322 Adelaide Street West, Toronto Cost: $10 for a soup (includes a cheese biscuit & chutney/sauce) I went here with a friend recently and didn’t get anything myself as I’d already brought a lunch (I know…what kind of food blogger am I?), but she got the chicken hot pot and claimed it was delicious! … Continue reading

Bijan Bakery and Cafe, San Jose, CA

Location: 170 S. Market St. Suite 110, San Jose, CA Cost: ranges from $1.50 + http://www.bijanbakery.com After a much needed breakfast at Il Fornaio, we remembered (from having passed by it the night before), that Bijan Bakery had a magnificent array of desserts and pastries and both agreed we had only enough room to share … Continue reading

Jules Bistro & Cafe

Location: 147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto Cost: $20 for a main [Interior: Jules] Hi. Do you have a take-out menu? Sure, here you go. Thanks. … .. Hi there…we’ll get the grilled salmon with ratatouille, salad and fries. Will you have it for here or to go? We’d like to take it to go, but we … Continue reading

Recipe: Cooking Light’s Chocolate Cupcakes

Let me tell you, my husband made these for me the other night and they are fantabulous…everyone should taste how heavenly these are!! You’ll never go out and buy another chocolate cupcake again! I promise. They’re light, but not light in that ‘omg this is so healthy I can taste the flour before it was … Continue reading

Il Fornaio, San Jose, CA

Location: 302 South Market St. San Jose, CA Cost: less than $30 for two http://www.ilfornaio.com Redemption, baby! Il Fornaio was easily the best breakfast we had on our trip. After barely eating the day before we were ecstatic over the prospect of breakfast! The Hotel Montgomery‘s desk clerk suggested we breakfast at Il Fornaio which … Continue reading

Miss Cora’s Kitchen

Location: 69 Kensington Ave., Toronto Cost: $5 or less for a light lunch/snack http://www.misscoraskitchen.com I do not like Jumbo Empanada (as you may have noticed if you read the Jumbo Hairpanada entry) however, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Cora’s Kitchen! This love story began when lunch at Jumbo Empanada went “hair“wire (yes, that’s right, … Continue reading

Blue Front Cafe, San Francisco, CA

Location: 1430 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA Cost: avg $8 http://www.bluefrontcafe.com I’ve declared this the worst food day during our whole San Francisco journey. Our breakfast consisted of toasted bagels with (albeit pretty good) Trader Joe’s strawberry jam and tea made from the last remaining tea bag in our relative’s cupboard. Our Japanese Tea Garden … Continue reading

Japanese Tea Garden, Golden Gate Park, SF

Location: Tea Garden Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive San Francisco, CA Hours: Garden: Daily 8:30-6:30 Gift shop/tea house: Daily 10:30-4:30 Cost: Entry free: $4 pp Tea: less than $10 for two. Golden Gate park is HUGE. You can tell when you look at those terribly off-scale tourist maps and find that a significant … Continue reading

Jumbo Hairpanada

Location: 245 Augusta Ave., Toronto Cost: under $15 for two empanadas, a drink and a pastry. What is that hairy toy you smack around to get the candy out? PiƱata! That’s right! But I digress. Perhaps Jumbo Empanada should be renamed Jumbo Hairpanada. We started with lunch at Jumbo Empanada and ordered the chicken and … Continue reading