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El Penco

On the shady side of the sidewalk, near the corner of King & Portland sits a Mom and Pop place called El Penco Cafe.

Having worked in the area for a couple of years, I’ve always known it to be “the” place to get a sandwich. The lineups at noon often extend to the worn wooden doorstep so you have to get there early. The menu is very simple. Turkey on rye. Chicken Kaiser on a Bun. Pea Soup. My favourite used be the small Chimichanga for $2; tiny enough for a snack with an order of two or more creating a whole lunch, but you may not be satisfied. Which is probably why they’re no longer on the menu. What’s still on the menu? Their Sante Fe Chicken, Raging Bull, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Grilled Ham n’ Cheese sandwiches and their Spinach Torta and Chicken Empanadas. Vegetarians are not to be left out however; they also have Veggie empanadas and three types of home-made pasqualina and apple-pie! Everything is under $6 which makes for a great quick lunch!



El Penco in Toronto

*****UPDATE***** Sadly, El Penco has closed down. Craft Burger has taken its place.




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