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The Boiler House is smokin’

Address: 55 Mill Street, Toronto, (Distillery District)
Cost: $30 pp for brunch (live jazz included)

Brunch served from 11am – 3pm on Sunday only

One of our early anniversaries landed on a beautiful Winter’s Sunday which we celebrated by brunching at The Boiler House in the Distillery District.

A high vaulted ceiling and bright airy light greeted us as we walked in. We were also greeted by the hosts who helped us out of our coats and hung them on the clothes rack off to the side. The bare bricked walls and raw wooden booths are offset by the bright purple seating at the far end of the room. The interior is minimal playing up on the rugged, steel style of the old warehouse with its iron beams and concrete floors, making them much a part of the decor as the delicate white orchids perched upon the wooden booths.

We were seated at one of these said booths which, although not uncomfortable, wasn’t especially cosy. The once airy ambiance now felt drafty and cold. No matter, food should warm us up, right?!

Brunch had been set up in a little alcove not far from where we were seated, so we sauntered over to set our sights on the menu!

Oh and were our sights ever satisfied!

There was an incredible array of breakfasty and lunch items. A wonderful omelette stand (made to order) and then a generous spread of bacon, sausage, prime ribs, ham, home fries, scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, crepes, hot pasta, croissants, bagels, waffles, custard tarts, danishes, muffins, fruit, smoked salmon, tomato & boccocini, shrimp, potato salad, pasta salad and mixed greens salads…..AND….a dessert table with assorted cookies, tarts, mini-cakes and other treats. PLUS coffee or tea.

All while being entertained with a wonderful jazz band just above us.

Incredible, ya? Yes.

The only complaint we did have was that the service wasn’t the best (I know, you’re thinking “but Atims, didn’t you serve yourselves?) Yes, but when we actually NEEDED someone (like, you know, to pay the bill?) it was difficult to get his attention! We even had to go over to the bar/cash to pay! *grumble*

Still, we were thoroughly stuffed by the end of it all and had an enjoyable anniversary! I’d definitely recommend The Boiler House to family or friends (or first dates!) for brunch ’cause not only do you get a tasty meal but you get to walk around in the beautiful Distillery District afterwards…what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Boiler House in Toronto



3 thoughts on “The Boiler House is smokin’

  1. Hey Trini-in-Toronto! Hope you had a good time!?

    Posted by Foodhogger | April 6, 2009, 15:16
  2. Wow,
    Your pictures of your plate came out really good. They made me hungry.
    I stumbled accross your blog while researching about the boiler room. We are heading there for brunch on Sunday to celebrate my wifes new job. Its our first time in the distillery district also.
    I really enjoyed your review and I hope my experience lives up to the expectation it has created.

    Posted by Trini-in-toronto | September 12, 2008, 11:45


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